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iPera works with government agencies to enhance financial literacy and improve financial understanding across the Philippines. It is important for the economic growth of the country that all residents are financially educated and aware of the importance of creditworthiness.

iPera works with local bloggers and writers to produce educational content, guides and activities to enhance financial literacy. iPera donates to local charities, schools and community groups every month, you can follow our community enhancement program with blog content here.

If you are a blogger and want to have your content displayed here, send it to customersupport@ipera.ph for consideration to publish. You could even earn money off your loan, or payments for your work!

The Different Types of Business Credit Lines

A line of credit may be utilised by both people and corporations and comes in a number of different arrangements, each with its own perks. Every line of credit gives the borrower access to a certai... Read More

August 15, 2022

Common Mistakes On Loan Applications That Should Be Avoided

When a customer submits an application, it goes through hundreds of checks. There are Automated checks that look for data concerns. There are common sense checks that look to see if the questio... Read More

August 03, 2022

Is it better to be trusted or not trusted?

We all have that friend who asks to borrow money and you know you will not see it again, or if you do, it will be half now, a bit later and another payment much later. Do you want to lend these ... Read More

July 26, 2022

What Are Trust Scores?

Trusting a customer to repay their loan builds up a trust score. It is the trust in the relationship between the lender and the customer. When a debt is repaid, that builds up the custome... Read More

July 26, 2022

Rent is due!

Rent is due! The rent is usually due every month. . But what will you do if you have no money to pay? This is an emergency bill that is due every month, but some months are tougher than oth... Read More

July 19, 2022

How Useful is a Credit Line?

In today's credit-based economy, anything is possible. If you ever want to secure financing for a property or a personal loan to cover living expenses, or even if you simply want to place your me... Read More

July 07, 2022

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